Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me

Videos are increasingly popular on social media, especially on mobile devices. In fact, the time people spend watching Facebook Live each day has increased by four times and Instagram videos by 80 percent. The most engaging videos can be as short as 15 seconds. Tips for Creating Social Media Videos Use Your Smartphone: You don't need expensive video equipment. Most smartphones can record videos high in visual and audio quality. Consider stabilizing your phone with an … [Read more...]

What To Do After a Meltdown

On Tuesday, August 8, when the compressor at United Food Bank’s main warehouse freezer broke down, it qualified as a catastrophe. The organization not only incurred an unexpected $10,000 repair bill, it also lost more than 21,000 pounds of vital frozen foods valued in excess of $38,000. Those foods also equated to about three weeks of food assistance to people in need throughout the East Valley and eastern Arizona. teamworks worked with the United Food Bank team to turn this crisis into an … [Read more...]

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Visuals Are Key to Great Media Relations

When most folks think of media relations they think the challenge is about getting TV crews out to an event. But that’s when you’re just getting started. Media relations also is about making sure you have quality visuals and spokespersons ready for a quality news segment. We consult with our nonprofit organization clients before we send out any media advisory, asking questions like:  What are our visuals? Who are our spokespeople? What set-up do we need to have in place? What are our … [Read more...]

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East Valley Veterans Parade Needs Volunteers

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Broken Freezer at United Food Bank

Broken freezer at United Food Bank causes loss of more than 21,000 pounds of frozen foods. … [Read more...]