Relax The Back

rtblogoFor companies with corporate and/or franchise locations scattered around the country, providing marketing and PR support for each of their locations is challenging.  teamworks communication management provided local market solutions to retailer Relax The Back, while also raising the brand’s overall profile in targeted national and trade media outlets.

Our work for Relax The Back encompassed three areas:  Consumer Media Relations, Trade Media Relations and Grand Opening support.

Relax the back call outIn the consumer arena, we promoted high-end office chairs and personal massage chairs, along with other back support accessories to an array of general and niche outlets.  Our biggest consumer success was in Motor Trends Magazine, which featured the high-design Xten office chair inspired by the designers of the Ferrari.  We also were successful in positioning Relax The Back products in holiday gift guides, an important traffic generator.

Because medical professionals are Relax The Back’s most important referral source, publications targeting them were a major focus.  We secured prominent articles in Biomechanics, Advances in Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic Healthways.  

relax the back store frontteamworks also handled media relations for grand openings in 13 markets, where we were able to provide true “feet on the street” assistance in markets.  These grand openings generated nearly 13 million impressions in markets such as Austin, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and San Luis Obispo.