teamworks communication partnered with Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest (LSS-SW) to clarify the organization’s branding and to broaden its outreach efforts to attract new donors.
The 40-year old organization has a long history of working to improve the lives of the elderly, adults and children with developmental disabilities, the homeless, refugees, foster children, at-risk families, and many others. But, because of the sheer breadth of the programs and clients it serves, this nonprofit struggled to effectively communicate a cohesive message that donors could easily grasp.


  • teamworks helped develop a new marketing theme, “Creating Community,” to reflect the many ways in which LSS-SW creates a sense of community in everything it does.
  • We worked with a designer to produce a corresponding icon to visually communicate both the variety of program offerings and the fact that they are all woven together. The iconic artwork generated to symbolize each of the program areas was then translated into revisions to the overall organizational logo for continuity.
  • The new “Creating Community” marketing program, featured a short video, an organizational brochure, and outreach to the organization’s Ambassador program. It was woven into appeal letters, website content, and new monthly e-newsletters developed by teamworks.
  • teamworks worked with a designer to create new promotional materials for one of LSS-SW”s largest programs, Luminaria.
  • We also developed congregational reports and presentations for use by the development arm of LSS-SW, as wells as donor appeal letters.

As I stop and think about this past year I wanted to take a moment and thank teamworks. Because of you being an instigator and partner in this ministry we have moved light years ahead with messaging and public presence.

You are both witnesses to how work and passion intertwine to make an impact in communication and living out the mission of God’s love for the world.

Rev. Deborah Hutterer, former Director of Development and Congregational Relations, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest