Top 10 Media Hits of 2021

    teamworks is proud of the work we do each year to help communicate our clients' stories to the audiences that matter to them.   Here are our top ten highlights of effective storytelling in 2021.    April 12 – White Castle Anniversary on "The List TV"  When Phoenix-based syndicated "The List TV" was eager to do a national story about the 100th anniversary of White Castle, they turned to teamworks knowing we had managed the PR for the iconic brand when they opened the first Castle in Phoenix in 2019. This fun story ran in 43 markets. Nov. 13 [...]

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Q1: our clients in the news

Highlights of our clients in the news during the first quarter of 2021! January  ABC 15:  United Food Bank Call for Volunteers   February  Arizona Republic: United Food Bank Brings Food to Native Arizonans                   Phoenix New Times: Tracy Dempsey ODV Wines Featured                   FOX 10: Waste Not Named Recycler of the Year   click here         March  12 News:  United Food Bank Partners with Gilbert Feeding Families   Wrangler News: Tracy Dempsey's Small Business Manages During Tough [...]

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Is the Feeling Mutual?

As members of PRConsultants Group, a national network of independent public relations firms, we are given opportunities to gain new insights from our colleagues, as well as continuing learning opportunities. We recently attended our network’s annual conference (handled virtually this year), and one of the key speakers, Shannyn Lee of Win Without Pitching, shared ideas that truly resonated with where we’ve been moving in our business. In fact, a recent new business exchange we had a week prior to hearing her presentation is a perfect example of her advice at work. Many small businesses like ours have a sincere desire to [...]

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teamworks in 2020

  2020 is almost in the history books, thank goodness! But while it has certainly been a challenging year on many levels, there still have been bright spots in the work we've done to help our clients navigate new challenges to their businesses and for their customers. Here are some of this year's highlights as we look forward to 2021: United Food Bank, which provides food assistance for people in need throughout the East Valley and eastern Arizona, stepped up in a big way to the challenge of meeting significantly higher levels of need due to COVID while maintaining a [...]

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Zoom Call Hacks from a PR Pro

Check out this sage advice from our colleague in Kansas City, Robb Yagmin. Good tips for anyone participating in video zoom calls, but especially for media interviews.  

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teamworks Duo Featured on Brattleboro TV Interview

We were pleased to participate in a series by Martin Cohn on Brattleboro public access television discussing the impact on and role of public relations pre-, during- and post-COVID.  

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Coronavirus Crisis Brand Study

Our colleague Rasor Marketing Communications just released this white paper. They commissioned a study asking 1,000 consumers about attitudes and opinions on brand marketing during the Coronavirus crisis. Some interesting findings -- like 7 in 10 consumers are anxious about returning to large events or in-person meetings. And 60% of consumers want to hear from their favorite brands at least monthly; 50% are comfortable with monthly emails from new brands. Click here to see the full report.

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Up Close? In Person?

Will this be our new norm for greeting one another?  For a while now, I’ve bemoaned the way that electronic communication seemed to be replacing real human interactions. I’ve seen it for example with my own kids, who are far too likely to try to handle disagreements with friends via text instead of picking up the phone to speak, or better yet, meet up to have a face-to-face conversation. I’ve noticed that I’m becoming “unusual” in that I actually like to converse with people in line with me instead of peering into my phone to pass the time. In [...]

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2019 Top 10 Media Hits

At the conclusion of each year, we like to take a quick look back at our Top 10 favorite stories/media hits we placed. For anyone who has been following us in 2019, the grand opening of the first White Castle in Arizona dominated Phoenix news and chatter -- and not surprisingly makes more than one appearance on this year's Top 10!   1. White Castle Grand Opening TV Coverage -- With TV coverage of this event airing round-the-clock leading up to, during and following the official October 23 Grand Opening Event, there were a lot of great media stories. Here are a few [...]

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Working with an Icon

PR/communication folks are lucky if once in their career they get to work with a business icon – a brand that is well known by everyone. teamworks communication has been honored to work with several during the 22 years we’ve been in business – we worked with Blockbuster for 17 years and 7-Eleven for nearly 20. Working with the “big brands” allows you the ability to be part of a larger team, be super creative and admittedly, the big names help open some doors. Late last year, teamworks was selected to manage the Fall 2019 grand opening planning and publicity for [...]

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Remembering “That Day”

We remember “that moment” -- September 11, 2001. We recall where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news of the first, then the second, jet crashing into the World Trade Towers. We were glued to news reports as the Pentagon was hit and heroic civilians perished in a field after thwarting their plane’s hijackers. We tried to grasp the unfathomable nature and scope of this tragedy and knew instinctively that something very significant had shifted in our understanding of our world. In the ensuing days, in the midst of all of our stunned grief, we witnessed [...]

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Hello! Is Anybody There?

At the end of the day, we need to make sure as communicators that folks can actually find us. We’ve noticed a bizarre … and utterly annoying … trend of late. Let’s say we have a client who is coming into a new market and wants to get involved in the local community. We start compiling a list of folks they might want to meet. Logically … at least in our minds … we assume that a good starting point is for us to connect with each organization’s PR person. That should be simple to accomplish, right? Wait, here [...]

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