Blockbuster Mobile Marketing

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During our 15-year working relationship with Blockbuster, we helped promote several mobile marketing efforts:

Legends Tour.  In cooperation with the American Film Institute, Blockbuster sponsored the 100 Years/100 Greatest Movies Legends Mobile Museum tour.  In addition to providing local and regional media relations support and logistics management in Phoenix and St. Louis, teamworks also was tapped to serve as a regional project manager, overseeing public relations activities in five Midwest markets for this tour.

blockbuster mobile marketing gaming.jpg.png.jpgThe Legends exhibit featured actual costumes from The Wizard of Oz, the Oscar statue from The Godfather, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ suits from Men In Black, the Pharaoh’s throne from the epic film, The Ten Commandments, and dozens of other items related to the AFI’s 100 best films.  In each market, we were responsible for securing sites for the tour and managing tour events that included private screening parties for local VIPs and government officials.  We also arranged radio remotes and public events that drew tens of thousands of guests to the tour stops.

“Are You Game Enough” Nintendo Game Truck Tour.  In the summer of 1999, Blockbuster rolled out the Blockbuster/Nintendo “Are You Game Enough” truck tour. This 75-foot-long interactive gaming vehicle introduced children and their parents to the latest in Nintendo games available to rent at Blockbuster.  Using our knowledge of local venues, teamworks identified children’s events, family fairs, theme parks, major malls, media outlets and key tourist attractions to host events. We also arranged for the Game Truck to stop at a flagship store in each market.

Summer Family Gaming Tour.  Having rented and sold video games for years, Blockbuster decided to expand its gaming products to include sales of gaming consoles and a larger library of game titles. The challenge was to get the message out to consumers in a fresh, dynamic manner.  The solution was to raise awareness of the new offerings at Blockbuster by hosting Family Gaming Events at a Blockbuster store in each of our markets, along with 8 other cities.  These gaming events served as launch pads for radio promotions and media coverage.  In St. Louis, for example, the Blockbuster regional spokesperson played games on-air with morning TV personalities, complete with their own personalized avatars.

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