Grand Canyon Synod


One of the primary goals of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is to go out and build new congregations in areas where the church is underserved. For the Grand Canyon Synod (GSC) of the ELCA, which serves Arizona and parts of Nevada, this mission includes connecting current congregations with groups of people wanting to start or renew a Lutheran congregation.

teamworks partnered with the Mission Development office of the GCS to create a video that illustrated four formative congregations, in an effort to draw more partner congregations. This video would be used at the annual Synod Assembly, and portions of it would be used in other outreach efforts. Working with the director of the development office, and the Synod Bishop, teamworks researched local videographers, developed questionnaires for the featured churches, created the script and attended tapings. We then worked with the Jae Staats of Ballboy Productions to create and edit the film into a workable format for the Assembly, and re-craft the main film into four separate shorter films for each new church to use for development purposes.

“Wonderful. High quality, just what I was hoping,” noted Bishop Steve Talmage. “We really appreciate the work put into this and believe it will be a source of positive mission interpretation and set the table for telling the story of other ministries in the Synod.”