St. Louis Area Foodbank

Foodbank logoOne of teamwork communication management’s longest-standing clients, the St. Louis Area Foodbank is a member of Feeding America.  We are proud to produce their donor newsletter, an important communication and fundraising tool for the organization.

foodbank call out copySince 1996 teamworks has been developing the St. Louis Area Foodbank’s donor newsletter, which mails three times per year.  Not only do these newsletters pay for themselves, they also are a major fundraiser for this non-profit organization.  In fact, the newsletter brings in an average of four times return on investment and has raised nearly $1.4 million since 1999.

teamworks manages all aspects of the newsletter process, including:

  • Theme development
  • Story idea generation and article development
  • Design and production supervision

teamworks provides a turnkey solution for this non-profit, allowing their communication staff to focus on other responsibilities while still ensuring regular communication to their donors.

Foodbank newsletter