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Remembering “That Day”

We remember “that moment” -- September 11, 2001. We recall where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news of the first, then the second, jet crashing into the World Trade Towers. We were glued to news reports as the Pentagon was hit and heroic civilians perished in a field after thwarting their plane’s hijackers. We tried to grasp the unfathomable nature and scope of this tragedy and knew instinctively that something very significant had shifted in our understanding of our world. In the ensuing days, in the midst of all of our stunned grief, we witnessed [...]

Remembering “That Day”2019-09-12T15:08:14-05:00

Visuals Are Key to Great Media Relations

When most folks think of media relations they think the challenge is about getting TV crews out to an event. But that’s when you’re just getting started. Media relations also is about making sure you have quality visuals and spokespersons ready for a quality news segment. We consult with our nonprofit organization clients before we send out any media advisory, asking questions like:  What are our visuals? Who are our spokespeople? What set-up do we need to have in place? What are our messages? Recently, we invited FOX10 Arizona Morning, the #1 morning news in town, to come out to United [...]

Visuals Are Key to Great Media Relations2017-11-21T15:37:29-06:00  


The Reality of Hunger in America

Feeding America has released its annual report on the State of Hunger in America 2014. Currently 49 million people in our nation live in homes that are identified as food insecure – meaning that they do not always have access to adequate amounts of food to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, according to data released by the USDA in September 2013. The USDA found that 20 percent of households with children and nine percent of elderly people living alone are food insecure. Nearly 38 percent of all jobless individuals have been unemployed for 6 months or longer. 10.4 million individuals are [...]

The Reality of Hunger in America2014-01-30T11:20:25-06:00

Nonprofit PR — Why you can’t afford not to invest in it.

By Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, principals of teamworks communication management There’s always been an appropriate tension between what nonprofit agencies spend on their mission and what they spend on administration. And certainly, that’s a ratio one should consider in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of a charity. But, the tendency to adhere too rigidly to the “spend as little as you can on admin” often backfires.  As any for-profit business understands, sometimes you have to invest dollars in order to generate more funds. That means expenditures in facilities, staff, capacity, advertising, and yes, public relations. While nonprofits don’t think in [...]

Nonprofit PR — Why you can’t afford not to invest in it.2013-07-18T16:38:42-05:00

Toot Your Horn – Companies Should Promote their Cause Marketing

By Sharon Kreher & Barb Harris, principals of teamworks communication management Corporate social responsibility isn’t a new concept. Many companies participate in charitable giving; some even do “cause marketing.” But do most do enough to let their customers know about their giving? Do they give their customers opportunities to join in supporting the chosen cause? Does their charitable giving program involve their employees? Are they getting enough “upside” to warrant maintaining or even expanding their giving? Corporate giving, of course, starts with a donation to a worthwhile cause. But too many companies, large and small, fail to incorporate additional levels of participation that can [...]

Toot Your Horn – Companies Should Promote their Cause Marketing2013-07-18T16:28:54-05:00
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