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Visuals Are Key to Great Media Relations

When most folks think of media relations they think the challenge is about getting TV crews out to an event. But that’s when you’re just getting started. Media relations also is about making sure you have quality visuals and spokespersons ready for a quality news segment. We consult with our nonprofit organization clients before we send out any media advisory, asking questions like:  What are our visuals? Who are our spokespeople? What set-up do we need to have in place? What are our … [Read more...]

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East Valley Veterans Parade Needs Volunteers

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Broken Freezer at United Food Bank

Broken freezer at United Food Bank causes loss of more than 21,000 pounds of frozen foods. … [Read more...]

Rally the Troops: Ambassadors, Avengers and Advocates

With all the many channels in which people communicate, nonprofit organizations need to find ways to outreach to both current and potential audiences. Social media is segmented, based on each platform’s users, so nonprofits need a strategy to outreach, share and “rally the troops” to effectively break through the myriad of messaging out there. Three such groups, ambassadors, avengers and advocates, can be an instrumental part of organization’s comprehensive communication … [Read more...]

Our Work in the News

Nonprofit organization milestones are an effective opportunity to tell your story. teamworks developed a traveling exhibit to share Tempe Community Action Agency's highlights from their first 50 years, as well as acquaint viewers with its current work. We're excited to be featured in Nonprofit Communications Report talking about our experiences with the process of developing this multifunctional educational exhibit. … [Read more...]