Some things stand the test of time — one of those is The Original Bacon Pecan Brittle, created by Chef Tracy Dempsey 20 years ago this year. It’s been a popular item at restaurants and in specialty shops around the state. Recently, Tracy and her fabulous sweet and savory creation were featured on FOX 10’s Made in Arizona, and the results are a testament that publicity can indeed “move the needle” when it comes to sales.

Immediately after the first airing of the segments, Tracy’s inbox was full of folks wanting to know how they could get their hands on the sweet treat. This in turn increased traffic not only to her local shop in Tempe, but to her partners’ shops — and they then placed more orders to restock their shelves.

Just as Tracy and her team were recovering from making batch after batch, the station re-aired the segment on a Sunday morning and the inquiries and orders began again in earnest. Sales are the highest they’ve ever been, making it an even better celebration year for The Original Bacon Pecan Brittle by Tracy Dempsey.