Remember when blogging first came of age and it was all the rage?

Seemed like everyone – and perhaps even their pets – had a blog.

But as the the newness wore off, many of us – individuals and businesses – found the effort too time-consuming and weren’t really sure that effort in that area were paying off.

Now, how many of you have blog-writing capacity on your webWhy blogging should be part of your nonprofit PR strategysite and aren’t using it?

Here’s why you should be:

  • Blogging can be easily integrated into your content strategy. What you blog can easily be reposted to Facebook and Twitter.
  • You don’t have to write a small novel. A couple of paragraphs is more than enough content. Or, you can use your blog post to share relevant links to related organizations, news items and the like.
  • Blogging ensures fresh content on your website, improving your SEO.
  • You don’t need to blog every day! Once or twice a week is sufficient, but be fairly consistent.

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