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Hello! Is Anybody There?

At the end of the day, we need to make sure as communicators that folks can actually find us. We’ve noticed a bizarre … and utterly annoying … trend of late. Let’s say we have a client who is coming into a new market and wants to get involved in the local community. We start compiling a list of folks they might want to meet. Logically … at least in our minds … we assume that a good starting point is for us to connect with each organization’s PR person. That should be simple to accomplish, right? Wait, here [...]

Hello! Is Anybody There?2019-05-01T10:52:49-05:00  


Visuals Are Key to Great Media Relations

When most folks think of media relations they think the challenge is about getting TV crews out to an event. But that’s when you’re just getting started. Media relations also is about making sure you have quality visuals and spokespersons ready for a quality news segment. We consult with our nonprofit organization clients before we send out any media advisory, asking questions like:  What are our visuals? Who are our spokespeople? What set-up do we need to have in place? What are our messages? Recently, we invited FOX10 Arizona Morning, the #1 morning news in town, to come out to United [...]

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It’s Our Job to be Appreciated by Media

I read a fair amount of Facebook group and media blog chatter about the love/hate relationship media folks have with PR people. At best, they begrudgingly acknowledge that sometimes PR people can occasionally be helpful. But as most public forums are inclined, complaints about PR folks tend to dominate these conversations. As a PR professional, it’s difficult to reply to or refute these attitudes, as that can fly in the face of our goal of fostering good working relationships with members of the media for the benefit of our clients. Instead, let me tell you about a recent media experience and [...]

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The Pulse Massacre: City’s Crisis Communications Response Makes #OrlandoProud

POSTED JULY 13, 2016 BY CAROLYN REIS Early on Sunday morning, June 12, I woke to the news that 20 people had been killed in a shooting at a downtown Orlando nightclub four miles from my house. “Wow,” I thought, “that’s going to be a huge news story.” I had no idea. At a press conference two hours later, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer delivered the news that not 20, but 50 people were confirmed dead and 53 were injured. The worst mass shooting in U.S. history. The collective gasp from reporters was audible. Like most PR professionals, I’m a news junkie. When tragic events [...]

The Pulse Massacre: City’s Crisis Communications Response Makes #OrlandoProud2016-07-18T10:35:22-05:00

Emojification of Communication

Published June 22, 2016 by Felicia Knight “You know, sometimes you’ve typed a whole message and you realize at the end that you’re entirely lacking in emojification. So we provided the solution: When you tap on the emoji button, we’ll highlight all the emojifiable words there, and you can just tap, tap, tap, tap and emojify.” Thus spake Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president for software engineering, at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It seems that Apple’s annual showcase of new tech is not just for corporate image building anymore. Now the world’s richest company wants to transform your written text into strings of colorful [...]

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