At the end of the day, we need to make sure as communicators that folks can actually find us.

We’ve noticed a bizarre … and utterly annoying … trend of late. Let’s say we have a client who is coming into a new market and wants to get involved in the local community. We start compiling a list of folks they might want to meet. Logically … at least in our minds … we assume that a good starting point is for us to connect with each organization’s PR person. That should be simple to accomplish, right?

Wait, here comes the part that is driving us crazy. An increasing number of websites for businesses, non-profits and government organizations such as schools, seem to be playing a cat and mouse game with their communications staff. The first time it happened, we were surprised. After the fifth or sixth time, we started developing conspiracy theories.

Oh – if you’re lucky, the web site might tell you the PR person’s name. Maybe. But then they increasingly don’t provide an email. Or a phone number. Seriously? We’ve been reduced at times to search for news releases on their website or on the web to see who is listed as the media contact in order to find someone … anyone … we can reach out to in the communications department.

Aren’t we all supposed to be communicators? Then, why does it seem like we’re making it so hard for folks to connect with us? Check your materials today to make sure your organization’s communication information includes this vital and basic information. Communicators just shouldn’t be that hard to reach.