So, you’ve decided that yes, you have something to say that’s worth sharing on your blog. How do you encourage other folks to actually read it?

  • Tips to Make Your Nonprofit Blog Stand OutSelect a two-column layout using a white background and black text. Other options might seem appealing, but they are more difficult to read.
  • Enlarge your headlines to 16-18 point, with body text at a minimum of 12 point.
  • Any blog longer than six paragraphs better be really well written and use images.
  • Use bold and double-spacing for easy scanning of content.
  • Consistently use keywords in your blog posts that catch the attention of readers and of search engines.
  • Give your images blog headline names to maximize SEO.
  • Diversify: Use your blog to not only talk about your mission and program, but also to summarize and relate to breaking news stories, create a call-to-action for your readers, share powerful stats, etc.
  • Use graphics, infographics and bulleted lists to grab attention.

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