Here at teamworks, there’s always a stack of interesting articles to read, some research to be done on an up-and-coming trend, or the need to learn about a new app or technology. Unfortunately, these to do items usually take a back seat to client work.

Photo: Media Psychology Research Center

But, we’re only as good as our next great idea, and without “staying curious” our work could get dull. We need to keep educating ourselves so that our client work and counsel is as fresh as it can be. As we read in a recent PRSA Tactics article (link below) learning and growing is a continuous process.

So, this year, after the annual conference we attend with our fellow PR folks (, we pledged to one another to make 2017 different. We sat down with our calendars and blocked out a two-hour time period each Tuesday – the first hour for individual study – reading articles, studying something that interests us — and the second hour to discuss and share new ideas with one another.

We just finished our first class of “teamworks learning” and here’s what we learned:

  • Making a dedicated time on your calendar makes you honor it (check back with us in six months)
  • It was great to be able to focus and turn all other things off – just to sit with our computers, books and magazines, and take notes.
  • It got our brain firing in new ways and thinking about challenges with new solutions.

So, here’s to a year of learning, growing and staying curious. Here are more tips to add this into your worklife: