Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me

Videos are increasingly popular on social media, especially on mobile devices. In fact, the time people spend watching Facebook Live each day has increased by four times and Instagram videos by 80 percent. The most engaging videos can be as short as 15 seconds. Tips for Creating Social Media Videos Use Your Smartphone: You don't need expensive video equipment. Most smartphones can record videos high in visual and audio quality. Consider stabilizing your phone with an inexpensive tripod. If you want to make sure the sound is especially good, invest in a moderately priced lavalier microphone. Capture Attention Early: Videos auto-play on most [...]

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What To Do After a Meltdown

On Tuesday, August 8, when the compressor at United Food Bank’s main warehouse freezer broke down, it qualified as a catastrophe. The organization not only incurred an unexpected $10,000 repair bill, it also lost more than 21,000 pounds of vital frozen foods valued in excess of $38,000. Those foods also equated to about three weeks of food assistance to people in need throughout the East Valley and eastern Arizona. teamworks worked with the United Food Bank team to turn this crisis into an opportunity to rally community support. We developed message points and prepped spokespersons, and alerted local TV, radio and [...]

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Rally the Troops: Ambassadors, Avengers and Advocates

With all the many channels in which people communicate, nonprofit organizations need to find ways to outreach to both current and potential audiences. Social media is segmented, based on each platform’s users, so nonprofits need a strategy to outreach, share and “rally the troops” to effectively break through the myriad of messaging out there. Three such groups, ambassadors, avengers and advocates, can be an instrumental part of organization’s comprehensive communication plan. Ambassadors   Ambassadors are folks who are tied into your community. They tend to be influencers who are willing and able to help spread the word about your organization at events [...]

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Our Work in the News

Nonprofit organization milestones are an effective opportunity to tell your story. teamworks developed a traveling exhibit to share Tempe Community Action Agency's highlights from their first 50 years, as well as acquaint viewers with its current work. We're excited to be featured in Nonprofit Communications Report talking about our experiences with the process of developing this multifunctional educational exhibit.

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Never Stop Learning

Here at teamworks, there’s always a stack of interesting articles to read, some research to be done on an up-and-coming trend, or the need to learn about a new app or technology. Unfortunately, these to do items usually take a back seat to client work. Photo: Media Psychology Research Center But, we’re only as good as our next great idea, and without “staying curious” our work could get dull. We need to keep educating ourselves so that our client work and counsel is as fresh as it can be. As we read in a recent PRSA Tactics article (link [...]

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Why include video in your social media?

Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65% Source:

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Client Work Spotlighted in Nonprofit Communications Report

teamworks communication management is pleased to have our work for United Food Bank featured in the January issue of the nationally distributed Nonprofit Communications Report. Get Creative With Your Awareness Campaign By Megan Venzin United Food Bank (UFB) supplies 59,000 meals per day to needy families and individuals in East Valley and eastern Arizona, but its dedication to fighting hunger hasn't always received the recognition it deserves. In an effort to shine a spotlight on the work of this regional nonprofit, UFB and teamworks, a nonprofit-focused PR company, worked together to launch a creative, awareness-building campaign that took place during the fall of 2016. September is Feeding [...]

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